Meet the Author: Riri-sensei

Meet the Novelist

Hello dear readers! :3 My name is Ririchi [リリ血]. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am the owner of Undying Memories and the author of “Ashiqui”, the fantasy romance novel series, available in June 2021 on Lulu, Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble & Undying Memories.

A little bit about me! I am an Asian lady in her late 20s who lives in USA. My favorite animals are cats but I love all animals very much. My favorite colors are green, black and red. I also love pastel colors. My zodiac sign is Capricorn, yay cappies. ^_^ In my daily life, I suffer from several medical conditions and I have physical disabilities. This makes life a little tricky but I try my best to live a good life and do enjoyable things. c:

As for my interests & hobbies, I am a huge nerd who loves anime, manga, and video games! I play lots of RPG games and several MMOs in my free time. :D Stardew Valley, Black Desert, Tera & The Gray Garden are some of my favorites. I love old school retro games and pixel games a lot too.

I also enjoy cooking, sewing, and doing arts & craft projects. I am a certified henna artist and enjoy drawing body art in my free time. In addition, I have a passion for astrology, divination, occultism, and spiritualism.

With that in mind, I am the author of the romance novel series “Ashiqui” and I work with amazing women who helped me bring this series to life.

A little bit about my novel, this is a fantasy story that revolves around the romantic tales of a Fire Goddess named Raiszadah and a mortal named Xiao Bai. Please join me on this journey as we learn more about humans, goddesses, love, life and explore some fantasy world adventures.

My books are 100% fictional, fantasy, drama, comedy, action, and romance-based novels set in an alternative universe similar but not quite like our own world. Due to the nature of profanity, triggering topics and violent content my books will be rated 18+.


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Main Artist: Electronichimaera (she does all the cover art, character design art, & promo/commercial artwork)


~Riri-sensei *:・゚✧