Undying Memories - About Us

Meet the Woman Behind this Store:

"Welcome to Undying Memories, may you find something special that gives you joy and unforgettable memories".

Ririchi is the current manager of Undying Memories. She is the co-founder and owner of this online store. Based in Florida, she is a young woman in her late 20s who set out on a mission to sell unique and memorable merchandise. She is an accomplished woman with a Bachelor's in Business Administration from American Public University System and over 11 years of e-commerce, marketing, customer service and sales experience. 

This store originally sold handmade jewelry and vintage clothing under the name ALSADAY. It was founded by Ririchi's mother who owned the shop since 2008. In 2013, the shop was digitalized and became exclusively online because her mother became terminally ill. When Ririchi was 18, the store was under her management and a few years later, the store was renamed when her mom passed away on January 2017 to Undying Memories. The shop was transformed into a online specialty shop that sells clothing, jewelry, home décor, spiritual curios, party favors and crafting supplies. 

Originally this shop was on Etsy & eBay but after realizing sales were expanding and business was booming Ririchi decided it was time to move into bigger waters so she open her own shop on her own website! :D As of January 2021, Undying Memories has sold over 3000 products globally and continues to improve. 

Undying Memories has been featured on popular websites like Buzzfeed in 2016 for out floral tea spoons (#13) and several smaller Instagram blog reviews by popular foodies and artists. Since then, Ririchi has strived to expand and improve in order to sell more products of her liking. Ririchi is an avid goth lady with a love for spirituality and literature. She enjoys art, writing, music, video games, anime and cooking in her spare time. Her favorite animals are cats. 

Ririchi is also an upcoming new novelist under the penname "Riri-sensei", she is writing a novel series called Ashiqui, a love story between a Goddess and a human. She enjoys writing fantasy romance novels based on experience from her our life.

Thank you for reading this little passage, welcome to our humble little shop! 


~Ririchi *:・゚✧




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