Natural Arabian Hair Growth Oil Recipe | Bone Marrow Hair Treatment

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Today let’s talk about an age-old secret hair growth formula, the not so vegan friendly but oh so sinfully powerful “Bone Marrow Hair Oil Treatment”! Forgive me darlings for I have sinned, I am no vegan, although I quite enjoy vegan food and strive to eat meat-based products when necessary for medical reasons, I am no vegan nor have I ever been. Alas, this recipe is not vegan-friendly but it is medically proven and if you like myself are an omnivore then please stay with me as we go on a wild journey through one woman’s unnerving hair loss and the secrets of her slow but steady recovery~ On the next, Riri(s) of Our Lives~ Did I mention I’m a romance novelist? Yeah, xD please don’t expect a straight-faced conversation with me dearest yet possibly shedding readers.

Nonetheless, I come bearing fruits of my labor and research. The amazing Arabian Bone Marrow Hair Growth Oil that I keep going on and on about is no joke! Google it my sweet peas, bone marrow oil has been studied by cancer specialist to help treat alopecia and hair loss after chemotherapy! Isn’t that just the bees-knees? It was so shocked that this lil old wife’s tale recipes was actually legit, useful and scientifically proven by literal professional in the medical industry!

So, let’s talk about what to do. You’re gonna need your rubbers… Ehem, I mean gloves, RUBBER GLOVES!! (Forgive my lewdness, this is what happens when you start listening to scandalous music from the bustling youth of your teenage years and then make it a habit to sip black tea past 5pm. Oh how daring of me~) Even so, let us continue, grab the vinyls and your thick fatty bones. Make sure to get your local butcher to CUT the bone marrow into 1-2 inch slabs otherwise you’ll need the jaws of life to help you sever the girthiness that is a cow’s hinder leg bones! Please just visit your local butcher, we do not need heroes today! Nor the arm work out! lol

Anyhoo, once the bones of prepped you’ll be heating them up and plopping out the collagen! Oh yes darlings, we need that silky smooth bone fat to just oozy out and slide out of the raw marrow bones. (Good God woman, contain yourself!)


[It is I, your humble author Riri-sensei slowly regaining her everlastingly long hair. Thank you bone marrow oil. <3 And yes, I am 26, despite my youthful visage. uwu]

Once you have procured the goods, its just a matter of letting it cool down to room temperature, and massaging your scalp 2-3 times a week or once a week until your hair grows thick and luscious. Unfortunately, I’m still working on my hairline but I shall update you as the growing process continues. 😉 And be sure to update me sugar dumplings~ Let’s see who can grow their hair the fasters or thickest? Haha~  The joys of a lass in her 20s with osteoporosis, life never grows dull not even for a moment.



Treatment Name:

Arabian Hair Growth Oil

Ingredients & Tools:

   ♡   2 ½ - 3 lbs. cow bone marrow slices
   ♡   large non-stick Dutch oven pot
   ♡   steel spoon & fork
   ♡   heat proof container with lid
   ♡   metal strainer
   ♡   disposable gloves 

Serving Size:

1-2 treatments


Hard Lv. 5 / ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Mild Beefy Odor / ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡


1. To apply for hair growth, simply use enough bone marrow oil to coat your scalp and hair.

2. You will need to warm the oil until it is liquid but still handleable and massage it into your scalp and hair strands. Use disposable gloves for easier clean up.

3. Leave the oil in your hair for 2 hours or overnight. Then wash with your favorite mild shampoo and dry as you normally would. Repeat 1-2 times per week as needed until your hair grows to the desired length. Enjoy. :)

­­Dietary Restrictions:

Top 8 Food Allergies Free

Gluten Free

Zero Waste

Miss Riri’s Notes:  

 ♡   This recipe keeps well in the freezer for up to 1 month.

 ♡   If you dislike the odor of natural bone marrow oil you can add some essential oils such as lavender or rose oil to give a more pleasant smell. 

 ♡   You can thin out the bone marrow oil by mixing 1 part bone marrow oil + 1 part castor oil, olive oil, gooseberry oil, jobaba oil or coconut oil
 ♡   Washing out hair oils can be tricky so it’s good to wipe out some oil with a towel or paper towels prior to washing off with shampoo. It’s okay to take your time as well, the oils will eventually wash out. Warm water can help rinse out oils as well.



1. Put the bone marrow bones in the pot, on high heat. Allow bones to get hot and slightly brown on one side.

2. Once the marrow starts to melt carefully lift the bone marrow slice with a spoon and using the back of the fork push the inner white/pink soft part of the marrow fats out of the bones and discard the bones. If you cannot push it out with the back of a fork, scrap it out once its soft enough.

3. Render the bone marrow fats in the pot on med-high heat until completely dissolved. Breaking up the marrow fats makes this process go by faster.

4. Once the bone marrow fats are translucent and liquid fat is rendered, carefully strain the fats into a heat proof container.

5. Once the bone marrow oil is strainer, you can allow it to cool until lukewarm or safe to touch, or store in the freezer for later use.

Thank you so much for reading my post this week, comment below what you wanna see next. If this recipe works for you, please let me know. If you like my witty banter, feel free to stop by my social media or my main website. We’ll have a blast, see you soon~ xoxo


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