I Can't Believe It's NOT Apple Sauce! - Quick & Easy Pear Puree Recipe


This recipe for a quick and easy pear puree is out of this world simple! :D Can you believe its only 1 ingredients, but here's the catch. Unlike typical pear purees this recipe was designed to taste similar to apple sauce! So here's how we did it, canned pears. That's right, canned pears specifically, Del Monte Lite Canned Pears! (Totally NOTE sponsored but ooh how I wish I was~ I love their canned fruits!) 

Why does this work? The combo of a high speed blender, pears brined in sugar and water and about 10-20 seconds just does it! I was surprises, you have no idea how much I MISSED eating apple sauce. I have a lot of allergies and unfortunately apples just don't mesh well with me. Oh boy! For years I was apple-less and then one day I decided to blend some canned pears. Why you may ask? That's simple, I got dental surgery and I was too loopy and in WAY too much pain to peel fresh pears or even use a knife. 

So, I grabbed some canned fruit and began to blend. (Ah yes, blenders have blades but I did the dishes later on after the lidocaine wore off haha~) But yes, while blending away I realized "Ah yes! This tastes like organic, sugar free apple sauce I used to have as a kid!" And then this new kitchen hack slash one ingredient recipe became a go-to staple for all my apple sauce fixes. OH and did I mention the best part? Tastiness aside, you can substitute this pear puree in recipes that call for apple sauce, so say goodbye to your chunky apple sauce and say hello to smooth pear puree~ 


Anyhoo, let's move onto the main event, the recipe! Enjoy lovelies~ ^_^



Dish Name: 

(1 Ingredient) Quick Pear Puree


   ♡   1 15 oz can of Del Monte Pears Lite

Dietary Restrictions:


Gluten Free 

Allergy Free 


      1.    Add pears and pear liquids into blender, blend until pureed to your consistency of preference.

      2.   Serve cold.

Easy Lv. 1 (Beginner) ) /     

Chef’s Notes:

   ♡   Using a high speed blender that is 700 watts or higher for smoothest consistency.

   ♡   Any canned pears will work but Del Monte Lite Pears tastes similar to apple sauce, which I like.

   ♡   For best results, blend cold pears. Fridge the canned pears overnight then blend, this gives it the smoothest texture.

Serving Size:

2 servings

 Mild, sweet, dessert  / ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Prep. Time: < 5 mins

Cook Time: < 0 mins


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