Old Fashion Crinkle Cut French Fries Recipe



- 3 potatoes (I used golden potatoes)

- 1/2 tsp salt 

- oil for frying (I used extra light olive oil)


1. Clean and peel the potatoes with a regular knife.

2. Then, use a crinkle cut knife to cut the potatoes. The trick to make fries is cut the potato into rounds (length wise for longer fries), then take each round and chop into desired fry shapes. I like 1/2 inch thickness for my fries but you can go as thin or as thick as you want. If your potato is REALLY big I suggest using a chef knife to half it length wise then use the crinkle cut knife to make the design.

3. Soak your potatoes in water (room temp. or lukewarm works fine) for a few minutes and rinse off excess starch 2-3 times.

4. Once soaked and rinsed, pat the fries dry with cotton cloth or paper towel and leave to dry.

5. Heat up your frying oil in a deep pot or dutch oven on high heat. Once its sizzling reduce flame to medium to medium high heat depending on your stove. (You can toss a little potato skin in and see if it starts bubbling, that means its nice and hot) 

6. Start adding your potatoes carefully into the hot oil, make sure there is no water on the potatoes otherwise oil will pop and that's dangerous. Allow the potatoes to cook for several minutes until golden brown. To check if your fries are done, take one out of the oil, cut it in half and see if its soft, that means its all done. :) Times varies depending on your stove, but mine takes about 7-10 minutes with a dutch oven pot. Remember don't over crowd your pot, or potatoes may get soggy.

7. Once the potatoes are nice and cooked, drain the oil on paper towels and serve warm with a sprinkle of salt. You can add paprika, pepper or other seasonings as well or just eat with some ketchup. 


- For seasonings you can adjust and add more or less according to your preferences. :)

- Its best to add seasonings while the potatoes are a little oily and hot so it sticks better.

- I love golden potatoes the most but all potatoes work well for this recipe.

- Any type of fat or oil works too, but I use frying olive oil because of health reasons and my allergies.

- You can skip the soaking in water and rinsing step if you want and just fry directly after cutting your fries but they won't be as crispy. They will be tasty nonetheless however so don't worry. :D


Thank you for stopping by, enjoy the French fries~! x3

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