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Greetings fellow readers, today we will talk a little bit about spiritual objects. Have you ever wondered why witches use symbols? Why do people wear crosses, ankhs, pentagrams, sigils, and so forth? What is the deal with wearing feathers or gemstones? Or keeping skulls and lockets on your person? Is there a meaning behind it? Does it actually work? What are the benefits of doing this? Well, let’s talk about it. :) Today I’ll be giving a brief overview on this topic, if you guys like it I’ll go into more details later on.

Foremost, when I first learned about witchcraft, I wasn’t sure what to do or how to go about things. I thought getting a pentagram necklace was a good step but was it necessary? Not really but it sure was helpful to me once I started doing spell work. :) Many witches believe in protection charms and symbols against evil eye, hexes, bad energy or just bad people. We also believe certain objects can bring us good things like money, success, love and good energy. In some cases, objects can bind spirits or souls to the physical realm and we keep them to maintain a connection with that energy too.

Typically wearing a spiritual object with certain symbols is used to protect something valuable to you. It can also give you a sense of reassurance and hope. They often represent our patrons, deities, spirts, and beliefs so keeping them on your person is a great way to feel a more special connection and sense of safety.

But wait, is it just a placebo effect or does this really work? In my experience, spiritual beliefs cannot be explained they way you can say 2 + 2 = 4. That’s just not how spiritual beliefs work and if you approach spiritual matters in a logical way you will always end up with illogical answers. The key to understanding spiritual matters is being mentally strong and having confidence in yourself, your spirits and your own powerful abilities.

Rather than crying and acting helpless you must learn to trust in the spirits and deities, and yourself. If you keep thinking “Oh shit, nothing is going to work it’s all downhill from here” you will never manifest anything in life and you will drag yourself down. Remember, the abilities to manifest Are within you but you have to make shit happen too. If you believe in the spirits, they can move mountains for you but if you look at them like they are useless they will show you how useless YOU are without them. So, the key to being a good witch is having confidence and security and trust and faith that the spirits you work with love and support you. And be respectful and humble, don’t be rude and mistrusting. Mutual trust is the key to a good relationship with all beings in this universe.

That’s why we used spiritual objects because we have trust. Spiritual person trust that the symbols of the spiritual beings they believe has power to do what needs to be done. It is a boost of confidence, a boost of spiritual strength and a way to unlock new doors with faith. It is a symbol of mutual trust and respect and a test of faith. If you believe your patron has your back, they will always have your back. If bad shit happens, it’s a test not condemnation. Know the difference, overcome the obstacles and tests and learn the lessons that universe wants you to learn. That you need to learn. A victim mentality cannot get you strong manifestation results so don’t hoard a million charms and amulets and think that’s all you need if you won’t change your outlook on life too. You won’t see the results you want unless you do the work mentally and physical too. Spiritual beings will always help you but you have to help you too.  

On another note, does that mean all symbols are the same and only help with one thing? No, of course not. Just as Hades is the God of the Underworld and Mother Pomba Gira is the Goddess of Love & Sex, they have their own niches that they are strongest in. So, if you are having love issues and need help go to a deity who is strongest in that aspect. If you are sick and need healing ask a spiritual being who can help you recover like Archangel Raphael, the holy angel of healing, justice and medicine.

We are allowed to connect with many spiritual beings but its important to be respectful and not just ask for favors. Would you like it if a random stranger came up to you asking you to fix their life? No of course not. But if that person was your friend or lover or relative, you’d be more inclined to help them. That’s how spiritual beings feel too, so build relationships and form a bond.

A true witch shows gratitude and humbleness in the face of their spiritual patrons. The humbler you are, the more you should gratitude the better off you’ll be. Give offerings, make an altar, donate to the poor, do good deeds, help animals and people and that will take you further in life as a person and as a spiritualist. But please, don’t do good deeds just to get back things in return, that’s having ulterior motives and an agenda. That is not true humbleness. Do kind things and good deeds from the heart because it is the right thing to do and it gives you genuine joy and positive feelings. That energy is what spiritual beings wish to see, not a fake person but a genuine person. Spiritual beings already know all and see all so if you are faking it they will know and punish you accordingly.

Remember, the universe and the spirits we have faith in will help us stay connected and safe and protect the things we hold dear but maintaining your relationships with the spirits and other life forms is important too.

If you only do things for your own benefits and act selfishly you are not reaching your highest potential as a witch you are just hurting yourself and not learning the lessons the universe wants you to learn.


With that in mind, some key terms and differences between spirits objects:


Amulets – jewelry that has been blessed by your patron. It is worn to protect oneself from something harmful energy.

Charms – objects such trinkets, gemstones, or jewelry used to draw in good energy. Typically used for love and peace of mind and healing. These items can be blessed by your patron as well.

Mementos – objects often associated with the dead used to connect with souls or spirits of the afterlife. They can be a form of protection, healing, love or otherwise. It depending on the meaning behind the memento in question.

Talismans – blessed objects typically jewelry or trinkets that are meant to repel negative energy in a variety of situation. Rather than just protect they banish and prevent unwanted things from happening.


Why do witches use them? These items are used to enhance our powers and enable us to use passive forms of magic outside of the altar room.

What do they do? They have various uses including protection, banishing, attraction, connecting with spirits and positive reinforcement of spiritual beliefs.

Do I need one? I don’t think it is 100% mandatory but it certainly does help you feel better and give you an extra boost to improve the quality of your spiritual work and beliefs.

Does it really work? All spiritual things work if you believe in it. If you doubt everything nothing will work. If you have confidence it has a higher chance of manifesting as you want it to. Confidence is key but also real world work and having a good attitude and being humble helps. And respect the spiritual beings you work with!


In conclusion, these are my thoughts, advices and information on the topic of spiritual matters and spiritual objects. :) I hope you enjoyed this little insight and if you want more in-depth information please comment below with topic you want to learn more about. Have a wonderful day!


Disclaimer: This article is meant to give some basic information on spiritual matters. It is not a full guide on what to do nor is it meant to be taken in such a way. Please approach all spiritual entities with humbleness and respect. All spiritual curios are made with love and care and we honor the spirits deeply but for legal reasons, they are sold for entertainment purposes ONLY. We do not sell any merchandise nor services for legal, financial or medical advice/help and we are NOT professionals so please visit a professional if you need such advice/help. We are not responsible for what you do with spiritual curios nor how you use them nor what occurs while it is used. You assume all responsibility for what you do. Spiritual work is for entertainment purposes only and not meant to substitute professional aide.


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