For Astrology Lovers: Things that Remind Me of the Zodiac Signs




A little post on what reminds me of each sign. :) Brought to you by Zodiac Harem’s author, Ririchi (aka Riri-sensei haha.) I used to post astrology stuff on Tumblr very often but nowadays I decided to make my own site and do some things here too. I'll be posting on Tumblr as well but you can find more serious content here. :) Tumblr as fan may know is where I goof off. lol

Please note, astrology is a vast topic so some things may resonate while others do not, look over your entire natal chart before making any final conclusions. This is not based on Sun sign energy alone rather collective energy that can relate to various planets, aspects, asteroids and houses.

Credits for the lovely artwork made by my friend Hollow Coffin.

Water Signs:

Pisces – sirens, koi fish, beaches, oceans, blue, ivory, lavender, gray, aqua, morning sunrises, relaxing tea blends, meditation/praying, singing, sea creatures, sushi, water, bubble baths, daisies, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, bluebells, forget me nots, tsunamis, hurricanes, rain, cute animals, innocence, inner child energy, hopefulness, melancholy, sapphire, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, angelite, Neptune and Jupiter, sundresses, soft fabrics, long hair, daintiness, sun hats, glittery makeup, watery eyes, short heels, manicures, puppies, dwarf hamster.

Cancer – seashells, lobsters, crabs, seafood, islands, the sea, poetry, evanesce, light drizzles, snow, sand, turquoise, teal, white, sea green, puppies, pastels, warmth, close to their mom, lilies, lotuses, roses, selenite, moonstones, celestite, the Moon, moonlight, coral pink, home cooked meals, vintage things, antiques, pearls, baby’s breath, thyme, beauty within sorrow, desire and despair, teddy bears, eyes that have cried too many tears, blue jeans or fluttering skirts, emo/goth phase, bunny rabbits, kittens, hedgehog.  

Scorpio – death, chaos, burning passion, intensity, endearing, clever, creative, bewitching, kindest hearts, gentle, fragile but tries to be strong, resilient, scorpions, desert, sand storms, fire storms, typhoons, monsoons, tidal waves, heavy rain, black, Pluto and Mars, poisonous creatures, black leather, velvet, red roses, black baccara, burgundy, gray, cigarettes, coffee, dark chocolate, bitterness, vampires, skulls, macabre, black tourmaline, aventurine, agate, quartz, rubies, knives, needles, long nails, high heels, red lipstick, piercings, darkness of the night, piercing eyes, owls, black cats, crows, ravens, lakes, oases, hot springs, smoky eye makeup, historical buildings, graveyards.

Earth Signs:

Virgo – the virgin, the maiden, the pure one, ethical, clean, humbleness, self-sacrificing, polite, earth tones, pink carnations, morning glories, peonies, weeping willows, white, beige, pink, ivory, teal, rose gold, sienna, eccentric fashion statements, either really minimalistic or drag queen level extra, artistic, evenings, self-improvement, crafty, DIY projects, small dogs, fawns, long tailed widowbird, elegant parrot, demoiselle crane, paintings, history, collection of a specific thing, many hobbies, comfortable clothes, amazonite, opal, pearls, sapphire, chrysocolla, clear quartz, selenite, kunzite, Mercury, hidden emotions, distant eyes, lace, collared shirts, modest.

Taurus – sleepyheads, soft blankets, cuddles, comfort foods, warm tea, cookies, corgis, wolves, foxes, squirrels, plush toys, green, blue, copper, purple, black, brown, trees, nature, fireflies, childhood memories, video games, cartoons, cows, bulls, persevering, gentle, amber, ametrine, black agate, tiger’s eye, labradorite, Venus, true love, learning mistakes the hard way, doe eyes, dusk, open minded about the things they are passionate about, attachments, water lilies, clovers, garden roses, cherry blossoms, cowrie shells, bones, tattoos of animals, dyed hair, facial piercings.   

Capricorn – baby goats, mermaids, fairies, house plants, defined bone structures, tea roses, purple carnations, green chrysanthemums, bamboo, obsidian, black agate, aventurine, emerald, garnet, chrysocolla, onyx, crafts, gardening, silver, mint green, pastel purple, pink, black, bay leaves, basil, parsley, thyme, house cats, snakes, skunks, full moons, stars, night, life and death, memories, lockets, soft blankets, stuffed animals, facades, stiletto nails, combat boots, platform heels, fuzzy slippers, real leather, skin-bearing clothes, elongated limbs/fingers, Saturn, resting bitch face, forlorn eyes, easily cold, comfort foods, good advice, ponds, rivers, puddles, earthquakes, silent sufferer, soft but tries to be strong, goes through the harshest lessons from a young age and walks through life and death in order to grow, secretly a lover. 

Fire Signs:

Leo – big cats, wild cats, lions, feral cats, fluffy cats, lion monkeys, long mane horses, angora rabbits, dwarf rabbits, Samoyed dogs, parrots, the Sun, fire, candles, honey, lemonade, iced tea, spicy foods, desserts, tight fitting clothes, long hair/thick hair, nice eyebrows, magnetic eyes, bright smiles, charismatic energy, fashionable, curious, sunflowers, dandelions, daffodils, mint, turmeric, dawn, protective, talkative, ruby, citrine, sunstone, cat’s eye opal, garnet, spinel, crimson, black, gold, orange, pink, and sky blue. 

Aries – fluffy sheep, desert rain frogs, baby lambs, chihuahuas, Dobermans, traveler, skilled at many things, restless, natural talent, overachiever, Mars, burning flames, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, chaotic good, flirty, playful, a kid at heart, optimistic, go-getter, gold, purple, yellow, black, honey bees, hummingbirds, hydrangeas, hearts roses, black diamond, blood stone, dragon veins agate, carnelian, topaz, early bird.

Sagittarius – cupid, centaurs, stallions, reptiles, butterflies, Syrian hamster, black widows, tarantulas, parakeets, cockatoos, ginger cats, Persian cats, kelpie, archers, arrows, daggers, sharp nails, foodie, desserts, loves luxurious things, classy, peach blossoms, bougainvillea, azaleas, hibiscuses, red roses, rainbow diamonds, watermelon quartz, tanzanite, amethyst, rainbow moonstones, Jupiter, thunderstorms, lighting, smoking socially, seductive, feisty, learns lessons the hard way, attractive, charismatic, adventurous, daring, clumsy, helpful, too nice to the wrong people, charitable, kindhearted, doesn’t take bullshit, hard on the outside but soft on the inside, hot air balloons.     

Air Signs:

Libra – the scales, Adam and Eve, balance, judgement, fairness, Venus, rose quartz, pink diamond, obsidian, aquamarine, fire opal, labradorite, honey quartz, pink roses, white roses, casa blanca lilies, ivory silk Japanese lilac, orchids, compassionate, sometimes wishy-washy, sensitive, generous, patient, friendly, charming, soft hearted, Scottish fold cats, munchkin kittens, flying squirrel, chinchilla, lunar moth, ducklings, fantail goldfish, golden retriever, twilight, aesthetic foods, junk food, fine dining, light pink, black, cream, blue, gray, white gold, platinum, steel, clear skies, tornadoes, gusts.

Gemini – twins, duo, yin and yang, Mercury, intelligence, hyperactive, constantly busy, creative, cautious, outspoken, social when comfortable, southern magnolias, lavender, jasmine, dahlias, lily of the valley, blue bells, geranium, peonies, incenses, yoga, coconuts, berries, natural diets, iced coffee, messy bedrooms, photography, perfect lipstick, glassy eyes, chameleons, sugar gliders, jumping spiders, nightingale, swans, doves, Dalmatians, Australian shepherd dogs, angels and demons, art, vintage collectibles, pastel colors, white, black, feathers, eccentric, tourmalated quartz, ametrine, charoite, alexandrite, sunsets, herbal cigarettes, shallow breeze, dust storms.

Aquarius – the cupbearer of the Gods, the vase, the rivers and streams, movement of water, gravity, Uranus and Saturn, survivors, artistic, skillful, strong, empathetic, loves to learn and study, waterfalls, umbrellas, Chinese fans, peppermint, frozen desserts, juice, wine, champagne, eyes that have seen life, Venezuelan poodle moths, kiwi birds, spider monkeys, albino sugar gliders, swanlings, Siamese cats, longfin bettas, magnolias, cactus flowers, spider mums, Pavonia, Arabian jasmine, petunias, tanzanite, rainbow fluorite, amethyst, jade, turquoise, azurite, dragon’s vein agate, midnight, stars, supernatural, black, gray, silver, rainbow titanium, ocean blue, sea green.



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