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The Queen of All Marys, Queen Amongst Queens, Pomba Gira, the Dancing/Whirling Dove, Queen of the Seven Crossroads; however you may address her, this powerful goddess is beautiful and amazing in every conceivable way. She reigns from the Afro-Brazilian folklore, religions and occultic groups. Many know her as the goddess of love, sex, money, gambling and savior of the damned. Her followers are typically sex workers, homosexuals, transgender people, women and females of abusive situations. She often scorns men and favors children, women, transgender people and gay men. She is the goddess who comes to you when life is at rock bottom. When you are being beaten or abused, when love is painful, when money is scarce, she is there to aid you.


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How to work with Pomba Gira?

  • Look for signs of her.
  • Give her offerings and try to form a positive relationship with her.
  • Respect her and built a rapport with this goddess.
  • She will choose to work with you if she likes you, you cannot force it.
  • If she likes you, she will let you know, you don’t have to ask or wonder.


What does she like?

  • Red and black, sometimes silver and gold
  • Expensive perfume with rose scents
  • Chocolate, high quality coffee/strong coffee/black coffee/espresso, strawberries, hard candy, cherries, pomegranates, fruit sodas,
  • Champagne, rum or red wine
  • Cigars, cigarettes, velvet, lace, silk, satin, jewelry, garnet, ruby, onyx, obsidian, menstrual blood, dragon’s blood, floral incense
  • Star anise, sweet cakes, cookies, flour based baked goods, honey


How do I give offerings?

Typically, you can give offerings on an altar. Decorate the altar with her photo, figurines, and symbols/sigils. Give offerings on Fridays, around midnight and light red candles, with red roses and place her offerings on a plate. Make sure to pour her a full glass of alcohol of her liking or juice/soda/beverage if alcohol is not possible. You can line the altar with red cloth made of silk, velvet, lace or satin. Putting her offerings in clay or metal containers is preferred but she may accept glass, ceramics, and earthware too. It’s best to ask for her opinion via divination if you are uncertain on what to do. Also give offerings humbly, do not ask for favors or try to do spellwork at first. When she and you form a bond and have an established relationship then you can ask for help with your spells.


How do I perform spellwork with the Goddess Pomba Gira?

Once you have established your relationship you can ask for her aid in spellwork related to love, sex, money or protection depending on the circumstances and how she feels towards you. Some of her lucky numbers are 7 & 777, and she likes things done in 7 forms. For example, when writing a petition do it 7 times or when giving offerings put 7 things. Always include an offering for her when asking for her help. Give her gifts and thank you normally and be devoted to her. Always try your best to be respectful, humble and grateful and even if money is a concern show effort and gratitude.


Disclaimer: This article is meant to give some basic information on the Goddess Pomba Gira. It is not a full guide on what to do nor is it meant to be taken in such a way. Please approach all spiritual entities with humbleness and respect. For more information we encourage you to study on a deity before working with them through more appropriate spiritual guides/books/articles. Having a connection is very important when working with any spiritual being. Thank you.


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