Quick & Easy Pear Puree


Dish Name: 

(1 Ingredient) Quick Pear Puree


   ♡   1 15 oz can of Del Monte Pears Lite

Dietary Restrictions:


Gluten Free 

Allergy Free 


      1.    Add pears and pear liquids into blender, blend until pureed to your consistency of preference.

      2.   Serve cold.

Easy Lv. 1 (Beginner) ) /     

Chef’s Notes:

   ♡   Using a high speed blender that is 700 watts or higher for smoothest consistency.

   ♡   Any canned pears will work but Del Monte Lite Pears tastes similar to apple sauce, which I like.

   ♡   For best results, blend cold pears. Fridge the canned pears overnight then blend, this gives it the smoothest texture.

Serving Size:

2 servings

 Mild, sweet, dessert  / ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Prep. Time: < 5 mins

Cook Time: < 0 mins


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